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Isho-an  -  where Tanizaki lived

Let me show you around our neighborhood along the Sumiyoshi River. This is Isho-an, where Tanizaki lived with his wife and her sisters. Isho-an is an old wooden house and was completely crashed down in the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. But recently it was reconstructed to the original state.

distant view from east
Distant view from south.                                     From east.
 whole from north
Front view from south-east                                      From north-east.

gate hibun

The inscription before the gate reads:

Across the road flows the Sumiyoshi River. It looks rather like a brook, but it did flood 50 years ago, causing tremendous damage, just as described in "Sasameyuki" (The Makioka Sisters).

Evening view of Sumiyoshi River sakura

Evening view of the Sumiyoshi River. Walking a few minutes upstream from Isho-an, looking over the opposite side.  You can see Mt. Rokko over there.

The picture on the above right is taken at Kyoto, where the heroines used to visit to appreciate sakura (cherry blossoms). We had the luxury this year.

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